The Hole N" the Rock Zoo

When was the last time you fed a camel?

  • Cramer the Bacterian (two-hump) Camel - Sponsored by Colin Fryer's businesses (plaque at BIG HORN LODGE)
  • Annie the Ostrich
  • Harry the Mini-Donkey
  • Bo & Gregory the Romeldate Sheep
  • Willie & Millie the Angora Goats
  • Wallabies - Sponsored by MOAB GOLF COURSE
  • Zandra the zebra - sponsored by NATIONS TOWING
  • Fallow Deer - John Deer and Jane Doe
  • Exotic Birds - Peacocks, Pigeons, Doves, Fantail Pigeons, Red Gideon, Pheasants, and exotic Turkeys
  • Valentina and Paula the Emus
  • Peter the Mini-Horse
  • Wyndell the Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig
  • Gregory the Horned Shetland Sheep
  • Millie the Pigmy Goat
  • Ricky and Lucy the Watusi
  • Wild Bill and Annie Oakley the American Bison - Sponsored by RICK'S GLASS
  • Junior and Joey the Wallabies
  • Bucky & Noel the Alpacas
  • Albino Raccoons - Casper and Ringo

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Hole N" The Rock
11037 South Highway 191
Moab, Utah 84532
Phone: (435) 686-2250
Contact: Lori Lamadrid

Open 7 Days A Week
Located in the Heart of Canyonlands Country

12 Miles South of Moab Utah on US Highway 191

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~ General Store ~ Trading Post ~


Visitors since January 2011